Foreign Media On Narendra Modi's China Visit | Sco Summit 2018 | Year 2018

And welcome to the world today live from Beijing I’m Erica pizza and we begin with the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi arriving in the eastern Chinese port city of Qingdao for the 18th SCO summit this is India’s first SCO summit since the country became a full member in 2017 alright for more let’s go to our reporter woo-woo.

Xu who is at the airport right now so tell us more about the details of Modi’s arrival while Prime Minister Modi has just left the airport about.

So far all heads of state of the SCO member countries and observer countries have arrived in Qingdao and this airport we could see all their planes while India became the member of CSCO.

Last year is the first time that Modi comes to attend the.

Cement as head of a member state and prior to his visit India ambassador to China Karim member willtao Dissidia that India.
Has been a very enthusiastic.

Member of the SCO it has participated in all meetings of the SEO last year India is looking forward to a much closer cooperation with other member countries and President Xi and from Prime Minister Modi had an informal.

Meeting in the Chinese city of Wuhan over a month ago setting a friendly tone and for future bilateral ties the two presidents are expected to work on areas with common approaches over the weekend the investor says China and India should cooperate austerity despite.

Of issues concerning their shared border during SEO foreign ministers meeting in April Indian Foreign Minister Swaraj says India supports multilateralism in the world will work with China and other members to maintain global trade.

Rules centered with the WTO and this evening leaders and guests will be welcomed by President Xi Jinping with a reception and a performance with fireworks which kick star the SEL heads of state summit excellence all right.

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