Fortnite: Pixel 3 Xl Vs Iphone Xs Max – Best Gaming Phone?

This video is sponsored by Squarespace we recently got the pixel three excel in our hands and we’ve been comparing everything from performance speakers and cameras to the iPhone 10’s max this time we’re gonna play an hour a fortnight on both phones to see how each of them perform and how much battery life they drain while playing at maximum.

Brightness the 10s max easily outperformed the pixel three excel in terms of benchmarks especially in Geekbench 4s graphics test which is what matters most for graphics intensive tasks like playing fortnight the.

Pixel 3 excel also has the largest notch we’ve ever seen in any phone so it’ll be interesting to see how it deals with this game alright guys so here we have the pixel 3 XL and as you guys can see we are at 34 percent battery life that’s where we’re gonna start with we’ve set the brightness of the max we’ve got Wi-Fi on and all we have open is fortnight so let’s go ahead and get.

And let’s start by going into the settings and I’ve switched the quality to high because the tennis max can only go up to high I’m not sure why this issue is there but epic is actually grayed out dude now I’ve been definitely.

Noticing how small the screen really looks without all this space right here because of the massive notch oh yeah Adam I’m noticing the phone is getting a little warm oh you’re joking man what the heck is going on whoa is anybody guarding.

This oh come on let’s go there again yeah let’s go there again it has been one hour playing this game and I’ve just been dying over and.

Over again anyways we are at 5% battery life so we started at 36 now we’re at 5 so 31%.

Battery life drained in an hour of gameplay so let’s grab the tennis max and see how well that does all right so here we are on the.

IPhone Tennis Max and as you can see we’re at the same maximum brightness we’ve got Wi-Fi on Bluetooth is.

Off and we’re at 36 percent battery life not only do you get all the space next to the knotch but there’s no massive bezel on the bottom either so really like this display is much larger let’s go ahead.

And get into game so right away I’m noticing that the display is much brighter than the pixel 3 Excel like I think I actually.

Have to turn it down slightly there you go because it is blowing out a little.

Bit I almost died there oh come on apparently.

Someone else got that game so far everything is really smooth on the tennis max I’m not noticing dropped frames like I did with the Google pixel 3xl Adam what are you doing man are you joking I almost had him I almost had him never mind.

What alright this give me the last one we’re almost at an hour played so please don’t beg please don’t die alright so I just finished another hour the tennis max.

We’re at 13 percent battery life that’s actually much better because the pixel 3xl was at five that’s actually a pretty massive difference so.

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