Free eBook: 2015 IT Security Kit Including “The Database Hacker’s Handbook” and More

Have you always had an interest in learning IT? Having knowledge in the many facets of IT is valuable and can open up a wide world of potential careers to you. But to learn it, you have to go out and spend a bunch of money on books, right? Wrong!

Today, we have a collection of learning material that covers many aspects of IT including the “The Database Hacker’s Handbook: Defending Database Servers” eBook that will arm you with some serious security knowledge. There’s also three other awesome resources, which we’ll look at below.

Download: 2015 IT Security Kit Including “The Database Hacker’s Handbook” and More

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What’s Covered in the 2015 IT Security Kit

In total, you’ll be getting four different resources that are focused on important security matters in the world of IT. After reading through them, you’ll have a much broader understanding of how to maintain secure networks, and you’ll have expanded your value in the field for the low cost of $0 and a couple hours of your time. You can’t beat that!

The Database Hacker’s Handbook: Defending Database Servers


This is the big one in the pack, tipping the scales at over 400 pages. It covers everything you need to know about securing a database. It starts out with the very basics, talking about why database security is even a bid deal, and then it gets onto the advanced topics that pertain to each of the major database types out there. It’s a long read, and it’s packed with information. And best of all, it’s free!

10 Things Security Experts Wish End Users Knew


This is a brief eBook that provides a brief intro into why you want to know these security tips, and then it jumps right in, covering topics such as account authentication strength, how to understand software flaws, encryption, and so much more. It’s under 10 pages, which makes it perfect for getting in, absorbing the key concepts, and moving on with you day. It’s also aimed at average users, so if you have a friend who doesn’t secure their data, show it to them!

Detecting DDoS: Attacks with Infrastructure Monitoring


This quick read covers the basics of of DDoS attacks and explains why they matter to anyone is IT security, and it provides some quick tips you can use to bolster yours. You need to understand how attacks work to prevent them, and this eBook will give you the foundation you need.

Implement A Proactive Strategy For Data Security: Data Security And Privacy Are Critical Business Imperatives In The Data Economy


In here, you’ll find information for taking a proactive approach to protecting data in a business. Attacks happen all too frequently, and the last thing you want is the company you own or work for to be a victim. Read this, implement the advice it offers, and you won’t have anything to worry about.

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