Free Google Translate App Now Available For iPad [News]

Google has just released an update to their extensive Google Translate app, making it finally native to the iPad. If you’ve used the iPhone version of the app, you’re not going to be blown away by the changes, but the iPad is a great place to have a free translation app, especially one that can translate to and from 63 different languages.

Besides typing or pasting in your text, you can also speak your text directly to the app in 17 different languages. You can also listen to translations, or let someone else listen instead of breaking your tongue using a foreign language. This can be done in 24 different languages. For all the other languages, you get the usual translation in that language and a phonetic translation in Latin characters, if needed.


The app saves your translation history, and you can also star translations to use them again and again. You can access the history and your favorites even when you’re offline. If the app cannot speak in the language you’re translating to, you can choose the fullscreen option, which displays the translation in huge letters on the entire screen, allowing others to easily read it from your screen.

Do you find the mobile version of Google Translate useful, or do you mostly need translations when using the computer?

Source: ReadWriteWeb

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