Free Holy Bible App Downloaded To Over 50 Million Mobile Devices [Updates]

The Christian megachurch, recently announced that over 50 million copies of its free cross-platform Holy Bible app have been downloaded. The Holy Bible application is available for mobile smart devices including the iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry, KindleFire, and Windows Phone.

The Holy Bible app is based on the web client, which was developed back in 2007 by Bobby Gruenewald. The mobile version, launched in 2008, includes free access to the modern English translations, as well as well as 13 other languages including the Spanish, Arabic, French, Japanese, Romanian, etc.

Special features include keyword search, Twitter and Facebook account connection for posting verses, as well as tools for bookmarking passages, taking notes, and syncing reading back to your account. Content can be listened to through the built-in audio feature, and each scripture can be linked to the full chapter where it originates.

Both the app and website provide a variety of Bible study plans in which users read selected passages each day, marking them off as completed. Categories of plans include devotional, partial and whole Bible study, topical reading, and passages specifically chosen for youth.

The app also includes a daily verse that can be shared via the social network, email, or SMS. Gruenewald said in an interview with TechCrunch that about 60,000 scriptures per day are shared on social networks by both Christians and non-Christians.

The support page for the YouVersion site answers questions about engaging in the Bible plans, managing annotations, and sharing content.

The Holy Bible apps are available for free download from respective sites.

Source: TechCrunch

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