Gangster New Orleans On Iphone

Hey it’s Marie so I dug around on the website I found a spirit torment for him they said the best way to kick unwanted ghouls and ghosts out of your life is to use a mix of five different spices to conjure the spirits but that is right wrong cuz I go to the nola do shop for the spices.

And um it happened again they are everywhere even the.

Cops are involved they got the streets closed off but they’re scared and they won’t go up against these things you gotta get me out of here so the very helpful people on the forum are saying you’ve.

Got to use the spices to summon the luau of the Dead and ask for forgiveness according to who do chow 420 the best place to do that is a cemetery right duh makes sense but what the hell is in the Y of the dead I mean that sounds creepy could you just whoa is.

That but I haven’t even used the spices yet do you think that holy sweet mama oh good okay okay I’m sorry I pretended to be an all-powerful.

Voodoo goddess I will never do it again okay I’ll switch to witchcraft it nope just kidding really witchcraft like same as voodoo I mean okay same kind of somebody help me here you cannot pretend to have power you do not have you cannot mock that which is not yours promise me that.

You will trust your own power right but see problem is I don’t have any power all people have power but they must find it within but I’m just a spoiled little rich girl.

Friend wait a minute that’s it I’m a spoiled little rich girl I have a bottomless trust fund that’s how I’ve managed to become a Southern Fried loan shark and that’s how I’m able to get anyone to do whatever.

I want my real power has been with me all.

Along my real power his daddy’s money you drop the act little lady this is all I ask you want to dress up like Carnival and Halloween fine but do.

Not pretend to have power you do not have done a deal and no more scary dreams and ghouls coming after me right no more now go Hugh Rosa well okay with that taken care of.

Thanks you’ve earned my loyalty dude my resources and my kick-ass we are yours now what do you say we get back to taking over this town word we’re still digging around about that meeting with Duke and his overlords but in the meantime we got a new tip one of the biker gangs is using carnival floats to smuggle money got a tip on one’s route you get the float and then find.

Us we’ll be prepping stage two digs all right we’ll grab the cash and install some fireworks and time all right now you got to.

Get this clown to a warehouse in Metairie they’re expecting it but what they aren’t expected is that that thing is really explosives this was digs I did it as good as I could hooking it all up but so them wires are kind of wonky you must be gentle with that thing unless he wants to get blowed up I love.

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