Geocontext Profiler: Online Tool To See Topography Statistics Of Any Given Location

Hikers, climbers and bicyclers often need to know the altitude and topography of the terrain they are going to visit. This information can better prepare them for what lays ahead. Thanks to Geocontext Profiler, it is now easy to pull up the topography statistics of any given location.

Geocontext Profiler is a simple to use website which does not charge you for its usage. The site uses a Google Map view for you to locate the place of which you want to view the topography. The traditional Google Map tools are available: Map / Satellite / Hybrid / Terrain views, zoom in / out, etc. All these tools work together and makes it easier for you to find the desired terrain.

After you view your terrain, you can draw a line on the map connecting two points; a topography profile / graph is generated which displays the ground elevation of all the points in between as you move from point A to B on the line. This graph can be embedded onto your blog or website to help other hikers / climbers taking the same route as you are.


  • Easy to use.
  • People familiar with Google Maps will easily familiriaze themselves with the site.
  • A topography graph between two points is generated.
  • The graph can be embedded by obtaining its HTML code.
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