Georeader: Detects landmark locations nearby & reads out info about it

Imagine walking (or driving )past a famous landmark. Normally you would not stop by it to thoroughly check it out. Consequently you do not learn anything about the landmark. But thanks to GeoReader you will not need to stop by the landmark locations to know more about it.

GeoReader is a free application for Android smartphones. It recognizes any landmark that you are passing by. It does so using your phone’s geographical settings. Your phone should have functional GPS and installed Google Maps and Voice. With the landmark recognized, the app starts reading its details to you; you will not even have to read.

landmark locations

You can keep admiring the landmark as you pass it, while listening to the app’s audio, without having to read anything. Local landmarks are already highlighted on the local map provided. If you feel like a landmark has been missed you can easily add its details on the app. The app already contains almost all the historical roadside markers of Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Georgia plus thousands more all over the country and Canada for you to hear. Users can create their own points, called Talking Points, for others to hear all over the world. User created topics are not limited to only landmarks but could be of any interesting fact, famous past event, or point of interest that you would like to share. Its a great way to your knowledge of local surroundings to travelers.

Demo video:

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  • A user friendly applications.
  • Compatible with Android smartphones.
  • Automatically detects nearby landmarks and when you are near one.
  • Reads out details of the landmarks.
  • Allows for sharing of Talking Points between friends
  • Users can vary the search range of the app depending on their circumstances or surroundings
  • Lets you add details about any missed lyrics and allows you to create your own Talking Points on topics you feel are interesting.
  • Its companion Website is at which contains more information.
  • It is Free!.
  • Similar tools: SimpleGuideTool and VideoMap.
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An app that will surely prove helpful to many, GeoReader can be gotten from

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