Get Hundreds of Notification Sounds With This Free Android App

You don’t have to root your Android phone to customize it, and sometimes basic customizations are the most rewarding. If you’re still using the stock notifications sounds and ringtones that came with your phone, it’s time for some improvements.

Using Zedge, you can access thousands of notification sounds and ringtones for free. If you’re just looking to browse, you can go by category or see what’s hot with other users. Of course, a search function lets you find anything you like — and it even searches for ringtones, notifications, and wallpapers all at once.

Gone are the days where you have to pay for good ringtones and notification sounds. Zedge makes it easy to find whatever you like and customize your phone’s sounds just how you like. Whether you want something funny, a sound effect from a video game, or something totally off the wall, you’ll probably find it here.

The app doesn’t require you to sign in, and though there are some ads, they don’t detract from the experience. How you use all these sounds is up to you. If a sound or ringtone you want isn’t on Zedge, you could try making your own, right from your device.

What sounds have you downloaded from Zedge? Let us know what your favorites are in the comments!

Image Credit: Syda Productions via