Get Rid Of That Typo: Facebook Now Allows For Editing Status Updates

Rejoice! Your mistakes no longer have to be etched onto your Facebook timeline for all of eternity. The Web and Android versions of Facebook have been updated to include an “Edit” button for all of your status updates, allowing you to go back and fix any embarrassing typos. Facebook has said that an update for iOS app is “coming soon.”

On both the Web and the Android app, the edit function can be accessed by clicking on the small arrow in the top right corner of any status update. Note that even after you edit your post, there will be the word “Edited” just beside the date on the status update. Everyone who can see the post can see that, and if they click it, it will show a history of all the posts revisions including the original text and when it was edited.

So while it won’t wipe your mistakes entirely off the Internet, the ability to edit status updates after they’ve been posted is a big relief for many Facebook users. The feature has been available for comments for a while, but it has just now found its way to status updates. In the past, users would have to delete their entire status update if it had a mistake and post a new one.

What other updates would you like to see Facebook brings to its Web version or mobile apps? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Lifehacker

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