Ghost Launches Javascript-Based Blogging Platform As Simple Alternative To WordPress

WordPress is more than just a blogging platform and that’s fantastic. But developer John O’Nolan wanted something simpler — he wanted “just a blogging platform”. And so he created Ghost, building it entirely on Javascript.

“Like a ghost writer, Ghost is your ghost publisher. It does the hard work anonymously, getting your content online so you can focus on the most important things: Your ideas. Your content,” O’Nolan says.

Now, is ready to let you sign up and download the new platform, which you can then install on your server.

You can’t currently host a blog on, but that feature is coming soon. Beta testers are already trying it out and it will be rolled out to all users in a few months. Right now, Ghost has tied up with Bitnami for a Ghost Installer, Digital Ocean for a Ghost Droplet and Rackspace for a Ghost Image, to make it easier for you to get started.


Ghost 0.3 comes with a full, gorgeous Markdown editor and a stunning post management interface, along with a clean and simple personal blogging theme called Casper.

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It’s got a split view for managing content, which lists the post’s information (title, category, date, how many times read) on the left and previews the content on the right — a bit like how email clients do it right now. This saves you a page load with every preview and lets you manage everything in one window.

The dashboard pulls in all the relevant content about your blog that you want to see every time you log in, such as your traffic levels, your top content, your social media stats, how your authors are performing, etc.

Ghost also does not have a native commenting system, but can be integrated with existing commenting platforms like Disqus.

There’s a lot more to this new platform, which you can check out at

Of course, Ghost is not the only new ‘pure blogging’ service. We recently reviewed and loved, and can convert Evernote into a blog. So would you want to try out Ghost? Let us know in the comments below.

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