Good Mom With A Gun Thwarts Robbery

And mom was a gun protected her property and sorted a crime this past Friday this time in North Little Rock Arkansas surveillance footage caught on tape as a man attempts to steal her son’s motorcycle she was just enjoying her morning coffee and that’s when she noticed the attempted robbery on the surveillance camera at the family-owned business that her.

Son w w beds custom furniture owner Chris Davis runs now according to her Davis this this former cop watches out for her family safety on the businesses surveillance cameras.

From her home a block away now Davis told local media don’t don’t mess with my mama good.

Advice because this armed mob bolted out of her house and went straight to the criminal brandishing her firearm and scaring him away simply brandishing it she didn’t squeeze the trigger didn’t do.

Anything she simply brandished it now as Davis said of the incident quote he didn’t.

Get off with anything didn’t destroy anything he actually left a pocket knife I guess I made off better than.

Now the man got away but I’m guessing that he will think twice before making another attempt and and and not just at that business but at anybody else that he would seek to criminalize no one was even injured personal property was protected and this happens a lot in terms of defensive gun uses sometimes the firearm is simply brandished and it the warts off it the warts are criminal now.

I always ask this of anti-gun advocates when presenting this particular this or another defensive gun use situation is this outcome better or is it worse with more.

Guns instead of fewer guns and I think the evidence speaks for itself of course you can answer as well just follow us on Twitter at NRA TV and let us know your thoughts.

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