Google Adds New Feature To Google Calendar: Suggested Times [News]

Following the new looks they’ve launched to all their products, Google just added a new feature to Google Calendar – Suggested Times. If you use Google Calendar to schedule multi-participant events, this new feature should make your life a lot easier, provided your guests are also using Google Calendar.

To use the feature, create a new event and add some guests. Once you do that, you’ll get a “Suggested times” link below the list of guests. Click it to access the available meeting times. If, for example, one of the guests already has a meeting on Friday at 10am, this time will not be suggested in the list.

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You can also select a timeframe first, and then see who is available within that timeframe and when exactly they are available. If there are no times that are available for everyone, Google Calendar will show an error message. You can then try a different timeframe. You can also make some guests optional. Once you find a good spot, click it and the event will automatically be updated.

For companies that use Google Apps, this could be a real time saver. It saves the considerable time it takes to talk to everyone and find out when they’re available, or the time wasted when you go ahead and send invitations to events and get half a dozen “No” responses.

What do you think of Google’s latest outburst of updates? Useful or a waste of time?

Source: Gmail Blog

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