Google+ For Android Finally Decides To Share [News]

Sharing is a critical part of social networking, which is why the lack of such a feature in the Google+ Android app seemed unusual. Now, after many requests, a “reshare” function has finally been added to the app in version 1.0.6.

As you’d hope, reshare isn’t complex. Using it involves opening the “…” menu while browsing a specific post and then deciding which circles you’d like to share it with. Once a reshare has been submitted it will appear instantly on your own feed, as well as the feeds of those you shared with.

For now, reshare is only available on the Android app, but Google has promised that iOS users will not be left out in the cold and can soon enjoy access to the same feature.  When it arrives on iOS, we will let you know.

Besides reshare, the 1.06. update also includes several bug fixes and additional language support. The only other notable addition is the ability to create a new circle from a Circles destination. Version 1.0.6 is available now on the Android marketplace.

Source: CNET, Google Mobile

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