Google Greatly Improves Local Search Results With New Carousel Feature [Updates]

Google is currently making some big changes to its search results page when a user types in something local. Now, when a query like this is typed into the search engine, a carousel of places will come up on the top of the page showing the results. This applies to places like restaurants, bars, and pretty much anything you might find in your local area.

Below the carousel is a map, which highlights any of the locations as a user mouses over them. You can also zoom in on this map to see a more detailed view of the location.

Of course, Google will need to know your location in order for this feature to work. However, if you prefer to keep your area a secret, you can still enjoy this feature by typing in where you are. For example, you could type “chinese food New York, NY,” and you would still see Google’s new local results page.

The new feature works exactly as advertised, and so far, I’ve found it to be quite useful. Generally, if I search for a restaurant or other such place, I am looking for it in my area, and having the results featured prominently on the top of the page makes finding what I need a quicker process.

This change could also be a good thing for businesses, as those featured on the first page will be seen by lots of local users.

This feature is currently only available in English for users based in the United States. Google has not given word regarding when it will be released in other locations around the world.

Source: The Next Web

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