Google Has an Android App That Aids First-Time Users

Learning a new operating system can be tricky, and while we’ve written an Android guide for newcomers, not everybody gets to read such material before using their new phone. If you just got your first Android phone, a new app straight from Google can help you learn the ropes.


Device Assist allows you to choose your experience level (Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced) and walks you through the basics of using Android while offering tips along the way. Newbies will learn how to make a phone call and set lock screen security, for example.

No matter your level of experience, the app offers new tips from time to time about Android’s features.

Another neat feature of Device Assist is the “Detected Issues” section. Here, the app looks for options that might be set incorrectly on your device or settings that are using a lot of battery power — for example, if your phone’s brightness is close to the maximum, the app might suggest that you use adaptive brightness to save battery in low-light areas.

Those who already know Android well will probably find this app too elementary, but it’s great for those who want a guided tutorial through their device that goes at their own pace. If you often help family and friends with their devices, this also makes for a great resource to send them so they can start to learn how their phone works.

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