Google Hotels Adds Neighborhood And Date Search [Updates]

Google just rolled out an update for its Hotel Finder service that is designed to make it easier for users to find accommodation in any city during a certain time period. Google intends to make it more efficient for users to find a place to stay in any neighborhood with this new update to its little-known service.

Now, when a user jumps to Google Hotels, it will ask them the area in which they wish to stay, and the dates on which they are looking to travel. As you would expect, the results come equipped with the full power of Google Maps, so it’s a smooth process to browse accommodation, regardless of area.

The biggest part of this change comes in the form of Google’s neighborhood browser. When a user runs a search, a box will appear on the screen featuring a number of neighborhoods. When a user mouses over one of the neighborhoods, Google will provide more information on the area via a pop-out box, which should help users know more about the location before they travel there.

When a user finds a neighborhood that works for their taste, the map will draw a box around it and zoom in. This should help would be travelers find a place that is close to the attractions he or she wishes to visit while on the road.

The last feature of this update is a new search filter called Brand. If a user favors a certain hotel company, a simple click on the “Brand” drop down menu makes it easy to select from one of the many popular brands on Google Hotels.

Source: TheNextWeb

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