Google Public Data Explorer: Visualize & Share Your Data Online

Have you done lots of research to gather data but don’t think your charts and diagrams are powerful enough to convey the message? Google Public Data Explorer helps you with that by letting you upload that data and create powerful visualizations. The data you upload needs to be in the DSPL format, an XML based format designed by Google.

Once you upload, the tool creates various visualizations including a pie chart, line chart, map chart and bubble chart. The charts are interactive; hovering over any point will display its details and each chart can be customized for more specific or broader results. Readers can adjust colors as well as data size of elements in the chart and if you are the official publisher of the data, you can have it appear in the public directory.

share your data online


  • Create visualizations for your data online.
  • Includes various interactive and customizable charts.
  • Readers can customize the display, link to the charts and even embed them on the web.
  • Sign in with your Google account.

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