Google Search Results Are Now Cleaner & Simpler To Read [Updates]

Google is bringing a cleaner look to search on desktops, with a new design for its main results page. If you’ve been using Google on your mobile or tablet, you’ll recognize the new design immediately: the familiar left-hand menu has now disappeared, and replaced with a new top menu, exactly like the one from Google’s mobile interface. The new interface is currently available only on, and will roll out to other domains at a later time.

The new menu lets you browse between Web results, images, maps, shopping and news, with other options found under the “More” menu. If you’re looking for search tools such as time filtering and other filters, these are now found under the “Search tools” button.

The purpose of the new design is to provide “more breathing room, and more focus on the answers you’re looking for”. As you can see, this is indeed the case, with the whole list of results moved slightly to the left, making the whole page look much less cluttered.

The new design was first launched on tablets last year, and on mobile phones a few weeks ago. With its launch on desktops, Google is working on creating a more consistent look and feel to their search page, no matter which device and which screen size you’re using.

What do you think of the new Google Search design?

Source: Google Inside Search

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