Google Updates Chrome New Tab Page & Web App Store [News]

The guys and girls at Google have been busy. Just recently they updated many of their Docs programs, and now they have pushed out a new stable release of their popular web browser, Google Chrome. This release of Chrome completely redesigns the screen that launches when you click on the new tab button. This new change makes it easier to manage your most visited websites and all your installed apps. It is much cleaner looking than the older version and is much more functional.

The next big change is to the Chrome App Store. Google pretty much rebuilt the web store from the ground up. Now it is much easier to get more information about an application right from the main page. Simply mouse over the application in the store to see the rating and a brief description of the app. You can also install the app right from this little hover-over window. This way, if you know what application you want you can get access to it much more quickly.

When you see an app you like and click it, it now opens in a little window pop up. This makes it quicker to get back to your search results.

In addition to updating Chrome itself, they have also launched a lot of new apps, so if something you were looking for was not in the store, you may want to check again, because it may have been added with this update.

Source: Official Google Blog

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