Guestlist: Makes Online Event Registrations Easier

Guestlist is a web application which allows you to create and manage online event registrations with ease. It enables you to create fabulous event registrations pages in no time. Keep track of how much money is being received via the event’s dashboard. With Guestlist, you can effectively manage orders, attendees and receive payments via PayPal.


Get detailed reports to find out how well your event is selling. It also lets you print and export the attendee and order lists.

Optionally, you can show the list of people currently signed up on your public event page. And synchronize attendee contact details to Campaign Monitor.

Key Features:

  • Setup and manage online event registrations with ease.
  • Keep track of the money you have collected.
  • Accept payments via PayPal.
  • A countdown indicating the number of days left for the event.
  • Detailed reports to keep track of event registrations.
  • Print and export attendee and order lists.

Note: This application is free for use while in beta.

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