HealthMonth: Create Life-Changing Games For The Month

Are you the type who always plans to start a healthier lifestyle only to find out later that you can’t develop the habits you need to be successful? If you think that living healthier is boring, then you should check out Healthmonth. This online lifestyle tool lets you create your own games for the month to help change your habits and improve your diet, fitness, relationships, finances, and more.

life changing games

The premise of Health Month is simple – create your own life-changing rules that you wish to accomplish for the month. You can set different targets or set detailed rules for each game. Some of these game include Limit Soda, Eat Whole Grains, Eat Fruit, and Limit Pasta.

Once you have installed it, click on a game that you like to start for the month. Then you can set your own rules depending on how far you are along in achieving your goals. Each month, there should be a new game waiting for you to be played.

Health Month is a nice reference tool that brings the fun back in achieving your goals and reinforcing the change of habits you so want to happen in your life.


  • Plan month-long games to improve your lifestyle.
  • Choose from different goals and rules like Exercise, Take A Multivitamin, Eat Greens, etc.
  • Lets you work at your own pace.
  • Plan the games for months ahead by using the spin-wheel feature.

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