Hearthstone Decks Are More Fun to Build With Innkeeper

When it comes to Hearthstone (and any other card game), finding optimized decks online and using them will always be the best way to climb the ranks.

No matter how skilled you think you are at finding card synergies and putting together a deck, you’re not going to outthink an entire community of pros and other players who have broken down every detail and possible card.

If you prefer to focus on your playing skills and use the popular decks (often called netdecking), Innkeeper is the program for you. This awesome app links up with HearthPwn (one of the most popular Hearthstone deck sites) and lets you see how much dust you’ll need to make a deck, since it scans your card collection so it knows exactly what you have.


First, you’ll need to download Innkeeper. Right now, it’s only available for Windows 7, 8, and 10. It’s coming soon for Mac.¬†Once installed, run Hearthstone and play. It’ll scan your card collection in the background.

You’ll need a HearthPwn account (which is through Curse, so you might have one already). Now, when look at a deck on the HearthPwn, it’ll show you how much crafting dust you’ll need to make a deck and exactly which cards you’re missing (indicated by the little red dust jars next to the card name).


As a bonus, Innkeeper also features a nice deck tracking overlay, so when you’re playing the game, you can actually see what cards you still have left to draw from your deck. It’s a nice little extra feature to have!

Do you play Hearthstone? Do you like coming up with your own deck ideas, or do you netdeck? Let us know in the comments!

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