Here’s How to Search Google Without Being Tracked

Many people use Google as their go-to search engine, but some are more concerned about whether they can trust Google. While Google provides many services in exchange for data collection, some don’t see this as an even trade. Maybe you’re in that camp.

You could always use another search engine that’s privacy-focused (such as DuckDuckGo), but maybe you can’t pull yourself away from Google’s results. After all, Google is still the king of results.

Enter StartPage, a search engine that makes Google searches private. When you type your query, StartPage anonymously submits it to Google and displays the results back to you. By adding this middle man, your privacy is protected since Google is not placing tracking cookies on your browser or logging your IP address to associate you with those searches.

While StartPage doesn’t carry all of Google’s advanced features, it certainly isn’t barebones. You can search for images and videos anonymously, and a settings page allows you to change your theme, highlight your search terms on a page, and adjust other options.

StartPage provides a good combination of Google’s powerful Web searching and protecting your privacy. Like any search engine, it’s worth trying out for a week to see if it’s something you’d like to use long-term. If you’re concerned for privacy and didn’t love DuckDuckGo, StartPage might be for you.

Are you interested in trying StartPage? Do you use a different privacy-focused search engine? Let us know below!

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