Higuain agent: ‘Napoli broke promises’

Gonzalo Higuain’s agent has given another interview, slamming Napoli for failing to compete for the Scudetto.

Nicolas Higuain dropped a bombshell earlier today when he revealed that his brother and client would not sign a new contract, prompting fears he could leave this summer.

“There was talk of a project worthy of the Champions League, a convincing plan to fight for the Scudetto,” the agent said on Radio Crc this evening.

“This year we finished the first half of the season in first place, but the club made zero effort because we didn’t see them make major signings to fight for the Scudetto.

“The President [Aurelio De Laurentiis] has the right to ask for his [€94m] release clause, and we have the right not to agree with the project and not renew the contract, that’s only right.

“Maybe the club is looking to bring in young prospects, but we believe they should make the effort to bring in players who can compete with Juventus, who have won the Scudetto for five years in a row.

“It seems to me that the direction the club is taking, while respectable, is not the right one to battle with Juve. You can’t do that and you can’t make the Champions League with youngsters.

“If an offer comes in? It all depends on De Laurentiis, he’d have to accept it. We’re convinced not to renew the contract, then we’ll see if the President accepts an offer lower than the clause.

“Gonzalo, in sporting terms, has very different ideas to the club at the moment. They still want to buy young players with potential, but we want to win!

“In my opinion, De Laurentiis is a great manager of the club, they have excellent balance sheets.

“The problem is, as a football person, when I take a Coach like [Maurizio] Sarri who leads me to first place at the end of the first half of the season, and I see that a team like Juve – with a structure and better players – are catching up, you have to make the effort to get two good players to fight to the end. The club didn’t respond.

“I haven’t talked to Sarri, but I think he made requests to strengthen the team. Maybe my thinking is at odds with Napoli, or maybe we should be content with finishing second and playing in the Champions League, but we want to win.

“We had to endure De Laurentiis calling Gonzalo ‘chiattone’ [fat/chubby] in a delicate moment of the season, and certain things are hard to let go of.

“There’s no meeting scheduled with the Napoli President, and what I’m saying today is stuff I’ve told him before so I’m not saying anything that De Laurentiis doesn’t know.


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