Hotgram: View The Most Popular Photos On Instagram [Chrome]

Are you an absolute Instagram junkie? Or maybe you are just someone who likes looking at beautiful photos? Either way, Instagram is a pretty fantastic place to see the best pictures from people all around the Internet. However, Instagram is primarily a mobile place, so looking at stuff from a desktop is never the easiest thing. There are third-party programs out there that let you do this, but most of them offer more features than you may be looking for.

most popular photos on instagram

What if you only want to view the most popular images and not have to deal with all the other stuff that comes with Instagram? That is where Hotgram for Google Chrome is perfect. Hotgram is a handy Chrome extension that you can use to view only the most popular pictures on Instagram at that very moment. You can view the image and see the number of likes and comments right from this extension.

For anyone who does not use Instagram as a way to follow their friends, and just wants to see the hottest pictures, this is the extension for you.


  • View the hottest photos on Instagram at any moment
  • Runs right in the Chrome Extension bar and always there when you want to see some photos
  • View the number of likes and comments
  • Like a photo on Facebook from the extension

Find Hotgram on the Chrome Web Store

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