How Do You Watch TV? [We Ask You]

How we watch television has changed dramatically. Shows can be viewed on a range of different devices. They can be watched live, recorded for later, or downloaded from the Internet. And then there is piracy.

With all of these options to choose from, we feel a healthy debate about TV is long overdue.

Square Eyes Squared

We want to know, How Do You Watch TV? It’s a simple question with a multitude of possible answers. Whether you’re a traditionalist watching TV on a square box in your living room or a hipster watching TV on your tablet in a coffee shop, we want to hear from you.

The act of watching TV has morphed from families sitting together enjoying collective experiences to individuals watching on whatever device they have to hand and wherever they happen to be at any given moment. How has this evolution changed your television viewing habits?


In terms of devices, do you watch TV mostly on a television set? If so, how big is your main television set? And how many television sets do you own? Do you also watch on a computer? Or a tablet? Or a smartphone?

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In terms of content, do you pay for a cable service? If so, how much do you pay for the privilege? Do you pay for any streaming media services, such as Netflix or Hulu Plus? Or do you watch television programming on legal websites such as YouTube?

Finally, there are the less-than-legal options. Do you pirate television content? If so, why? Is it all to do with availability, either because of your location or prohibitive costs? As we do not – cannot – condone piracy, please avoid going into too much detail.

Have Your Say

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