How Long Do You Spend Online In A Day? [Poll]

In last week’s MakeUseOf poll we covered “Do you Backup your Files? How?“. We had 606 people respond to the poll and found out that 11% of you do not backup at all! It seems the majority of you use a USB drive and then coming in a quick second is using a online service for backup.

We learned about a lot of nifty programs and services from your comments like Crash Plan from Tamar and lots of others from people just like you. We learned a lot of our users use Macs and most of them use Time Machine. Check out all the comments and opinions here.

Check out last weeks full poll results below.

And now presenting our new poll: How long do you spend on the internet in a day? This poll will help us determine how many of our readers are Internet Addicts really into the Internet or people who are scared of the Net do not use it so much.

Check out the poll below:

Represent yourself and have your vote counted today! If you have ideas for future polls leave them in the comments as well. We have such great success in the last few polls that we are going to keep them going indefinitely.

Thank you from all of us at for supporting us and participating. Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back!

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