How Much of the Internet’s Bandwidth Does Netflix Use?

There are plenty of statistics that show how online streams are taking over television, but the most damning bit of evidence is the total amount of bandwidth used by Netflix during primetime.

At peak hours, over 37% of all Internet traffic in North America is used to stream movies and shows from Netflix.


What about all of the other streaming services, such as YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, and iTunes? As it turns out, Netflix’s traffic exceeds all of them combined. Wrap your head around this: during those same hours, YouTube only accounted for 18% of all traffic.

This kind of sheds light on recent developments like T-Mobile’s move to not count Netflix as part of one’s data plan. It just goes to show why data caps make no sense from a technical perspective. After all, data isn’t a consumable resource so why put artificial limits on it?


The takeaway from all of this is that we’ve finally hit the tipping point as a society. Television numbers are declining, online stream numbers are exploding, and Internet is now the primary mode of communication for nearly everyone in nearly every circumstance.

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Image Credits: Netflix Tablet by Twin Design via Shutterstock, Graph Data via Sandvine, Media TV by Piotr Adamowicz via Shutterstock