How to Catch People Who Try to Unlock Your Android

Securing your Android device is key to ensuring your personal information doesn’t fall into malicious hands. If you’re looking to capture as much information as you can about someone who tries to unlock your phone, Lockwatch can help.

Once you have a password, PIN, or pattern lock on your screen, Lockwatch monitors for incorrect attempts. You can choose between one to three wrong attempts before Lockwatch emails you with a picture from the front camera, catching the person in the act.

Obviously people are bound to get their own passwords wrong from time to time, so Lockwatch gives you ten seconds after an incorrect attempt to get it right before it sends the email.

The email includes the exact time and date of the capture, picture of the front camera, a map of the area with latitude and longitude coordinates, and the accuracy of the reading — enabling high accuracy location on your phone will help with this.

If you want even more features, the Premium version costs $5 and includes SIM card change detection, support for multiple photos, and even recording sound from the missed attempt. It’s not necessary, but gives you even more to go off if your phone is stolen.

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Whether you’re concerned about losing your device or just like to see if a friend tried to get into your phone, Lockwatch is a simple but important app to have around. Not the solution you were looking for? Check out other apps that can catch a potential thief.

Will you monitor your device with Lockwatch? Have you seen any friends try to get into your phone? Let us know below!

Image Credit: Yiorgos GR via