How To Exclude File Types From Windows 10 Search

Windows 10’s search function can find pretty much anything on your PC. But do you ever feel that it finds too much?

From searching the contents of your files to including hundreds of file types, that’s a lot of information to sort through. Thankfully, Windows makes it easy to exclude certain types of files from your searches.

How to Exclude Files Types From Window 10 Search

  1. Open the Start Menu and search for index. Open Indexing Options.
  2. Click the Advanced button, then switch to the File Types tab.
  3. Uncheck any types of files you don’t want to see in search. Check the extension on FileInfo if you’re not sure what it does.
  4. Click OK when you’re done. Windows will warn you that rebuilding the index will take some time. Choose OK again.

How to Exclude File Types From Windows 10 Search Windows Indexing Options

Once you do this, Windows will get to work making your requested changes. While it rebuilds the search index, you might still see the file types you excluded in search. Depending on how many files you have on your computer, and if you have an SSD or not, this could take some time.

It’s up to you what you’d like to disable. Maybe you have a lot of music on your PC but never search for it — excluding MP3 files could reduce clutter in that case.

Check our search tips for Windows 10 for more searching advice. And if you’d rather bypass Windows search, try a free alternative search tool.

What file types would you exclude from searching on your PC? Do you think Windows search does a good job? Tell us in the comments!

Image Credit: artjazz/Depositphotos

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