How to Fix Stuck or Blank Live Tiles in Windows 10

There are all kinds of ways to customize the Start Menu in Windows 10, a welcome change after the poorly-received Start Screen makeover in Windows 8.

Among the additions to the Start Menu are Live Tiles — panels that represent apps installed on your system that update to show relevant information.

Sometimes, however, these titles can get stuck or become completely blank, which is annoying and defeats the purpose of having them. To fix this, you can run a quick restart of Windows Explorer instead of having to restart your entire computer.

To do so, open the Task Manager by right-clicking some blank space on the Taskbar and choosing Task Manager. If the window that opens is tiny, click More Details at the bottom for the full view.

Next, locate Windows Explorer in the Processes tab. Right-click it and choose Restart; your open windows may disappear and re-appear when this happens.

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With that quick fix, your tiles should be back to normal. It’s worth noting that you can turn Live Tiles off completely if you don’t use them anyway, saving the resources it takes to keep them updated in the background. Just right-click any tile and choose More > Turn live tile off to keep it static.

You can also unpin them from the Start Menu by right-clicking if you’d rather not see them at all.

Do your Live Tiles ever get stuck like this? Let us know if you like Live Titles or prefer them to be off below!

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