How to Get Chrome to Warn You When Websites Are Insecure

Security is always a concern when browsing online. Even if you’re not performing sensitive work, it’s nice to know that nobody can snoop on what you’re doing. When you see HTTPS in your address bar, your connection to that site is secure.

Many Web sites have implemented HTTPS connections, but they can be broken due to poor setup. If you’d like to know when your connection to a site isn’t secure, a new experimental Chrome feature can enlighten you.

To enable this, type chrome://flags into a new tab and press Ctrl + F to open the search dialogue. Type “mark non-secure” into the bar and you should find the Mark non-secure origins as non-secure option. Change its drop-down box to the same name as the title and reset Chrome to see this take effect.

Now, any sites that use HTTP or have broken HTTPS connections will have a red X over the padlock icon in your address bar. This won’t improve your connections, though; you’ll have to use the HTTPS Everywhere extension to do that.

Though it costs websites to get an HTTPS certificate, in our privacy-minded world the norm should be moving towards encrypted connections to websites. You might be surprised to find out which of your favorite sites aren’t using HTTPS!

Need even more security? Check out the top security extensions for Chrome.

Are you interested to see what websites don’t use HTTPS? Let us know what you find in the comments!

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