How to Get Mac or Linux-Like Font Rendering on Windows

Without a doubt, fonts look much better on Mac (and even Linux) than on Windows. For some reason, Microsoft is adamant about clinging to their failed ClearType rendering system, but it’s users like you and me who have to suffer for it.

What’s wrong with the fonts on Windows? They’re too skinny, too frail, and frankly hard on the eyes for long periods of time. Obviously this is a subjective judgment. If you like Windows fonts, then keep at it!


But for those of you who prefer the softer, fuller, and more mature look of Mac or Linux font rendering, then there’s a way to get it: install MacType. (The website is a bit outdated, so install the latest version using the Chocolatey package manager if you can.)

As far as I can tell, it works just fine on Windows 10 with the exception of a several Microsoft products, like the Office Suite and Visual Studio. Make sure to launch MacType — preferably in service mode — and choose whichever preset looks best to you.


In order to get MacType working with Chrome, navigate to chrome://flags in the address bar and search for these settings:

  • Enable #disable-direct-write
  • Enable #disable-one-copy
  • Disable #enable-gpu-rasterization

Reboot your computer and your fonts should look much better. Note that MacType assumes that ClearType is enabled on your system.

What do you think of MacType? Have you had much success with it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image Credit: C Source Code by MaIII Themd via Shutterstock

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