How to Get More Space for Photos on Your iPhone

Between music, podcasts, photos, videos, and apps, you can run out of space on your iPhone pretty fast. Thankfully, the free iOS app IceCream helps solve one of those problems by giving you more space for the photos on your phone.

To use IceCream, you will have to sign up for a free account. They also suggest providing your phone number for two-step verification. If you want your photos to be geotagged, the app will also ask you to share your location info.

Once you’ve finished the brief set-up, the app will tell you how much space photos are taking up on your phone. If you hit the big blue “Free Up iPhone Space” button, you can choose just how much space you want to free up — from 50 MB to 1 GB worth of photos.

IceCream caps out at 5,000 photos or 1 GB of photos, whichever is less.


Choose how many photos you want to backup, and the original resolution photos will be saved to the cloud. The app doesn’t delete them from your phone, but rather compresses them to 90% of their original size, freeing up tons of space on your phone.

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You can then access your photos from IceCream’s web interface and download all the photos to your computer as a ZIP file.

Deleting Files From IceCream

One thing that IceCream doesn’t make easy is to figure out how to your photos from the cloud. There doesn’t appear to be a way to delete them from the web interface.

In the app, go to the Photos tab using the menu at the bottom of the screen, navigate to the Cloud tab, and select which images you want to delete. For some reason, this method didn’t always work for us, but you can also delete photos one by one by opening them up.

Before you completely delete photos from your phone, it would also be best to download the backup to your computer if you want to hang on to them. If you delete the compressed versions from your phone, this should simultaneously delete the original resolution copy from the cloud.

We did find that deleted photos still showed up in the web interface several hours later, but not in the app.

There’s a certain level of trust you have to have to use a service like IceCream. But if you’re worried about losing your photos, as is the case with any cloud storage service, you should also consider backing up the files to your computer or a hard drive.

And while IceCream is free for now, it won’t stay that way. According to TechCrunch, once they start charging, it will cost $0.99 per 1,000 photos, but it’s not clear when the switch to a paid model will begin.

How do you free up space on your iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

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