How to Improve Sound Quality in Spotify’s Mobile Apps

If you get all your music from Spotify on your mobile phone, you probably want it to sound amazing. A good pair of headphones can help, but Spotify’s apps on Android and iOS have a built-in equalizer that can tweak how the music sounds.

The process is similar for both platforms: Open the Spotify app, slide out the menu on the left, and choose the Settings gear icon at the bottom. On Android, scroll down to Equalizer under the Music Quality heading; on iOS, tap the Playback category, then Equalizer to arrive at the setting.


You’ll need to turn on the switch to enable the equalizer, then you can try different presets to see which one sounds best — it’s a good idea to have music playing while you decide so you can hear how each preset affects your music! Rock seems to be a decent preset for any type of music, so give that a shot if you’re not sure where to start.

Your options may vary between iOS and Android, and depend on your Android’s hardware manufacturer.

Advanced users can customize the levels on the equalizer exactly as they like. The bars on the left are for bass, the middle ones for the mids, and the right side for treble. Whatever you choose, your music should be sounding better in no time!

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Android audiophiles can customize their music even more with equalizer apps if you’re looking for more control.

What equalizer preset is your favorite? Let us know how you improved your music with this feature!

Image Credit: Kucher Serhii via