How To Inspire Yourself To Write At Least 750 Words Per Day

750 wordsIf you’re a writer, you’ll know that finding a distraction-free zone for working is essential to getting those thoughts written down in some sort of coherent form. This is true not just of your physical location, but of your aural and visual distractions on your computer too. 750 words is a writing tool which can give you that peace, despite not being its original intention.

750 words was originally designed to help writer creativity, by encouraging writers to write 750 words on any topic first thing in the morning.

The theory is that once you start writing and getting the ideas on paper you have both begun your writing and have formed more coherent thought processes about what you will write.

Why Write 750 Words?

Writing without a plan is an ideal method to overcome writer’s block, since you relieve the pressure of writing formally, yet encourage the flow of ideas. By teaming this concept with a beautiful, distraction-free interface for writing, 750 words is a great way for writers to begin their morning.

Writing is deliberately kept private – there is no way to make this writing public using the 750 words site. If you decide you want to use them elsewhere, you simply copy and paste. This also means 750 words is an ideal backup for your writing if you write it on 750 words first. However, many writers find that if you write it, then re-write it without looking at the original draft you actually write better the second time.

How To Begin With 750 Words

Sign up is simple using Facebook, Google, Yahoo or OpenID for access. Remember which one you use!

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750 words

If you wish, 750 words will email you a daily reminder to write 750 words. This is a very useful way to get your day started creatively.

To use, simply write. The site will automatically save your text regularly, or you can CTRL-S/CMD-S to force a save.

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The page is clean and simple. Down the bottom there is a pale grey indicator of how many words you have written so far. It keeps you focused on your goal, without being too distracting.

The site keeps track of which days you attempted writing and which days you achieved your 750 words. One mark means you started writing, but didn’t finish 750 words. Two marks (a cross) means you achieved your 750 words.

writing exercises

Motivation Through Challenges

If competing against yourself is not enough to make you write, you can join the challenge of the month. By joining the challenge, your efforts to write 750 words daily will be calculated in points and compared against other challengers.

To view challenges, look at “This Month” and the appropriate month’s challenge.

writing exercises

Motivation Through Statistical Comparison

For interesting monthly statistics, go to “This Month” and click on the appropriate link for writers, eg. “October’s writers”. This will show you who has been writing this month and other interesting statistics about your writing compared to that of other people.

writing inspiration

If you dig deeper from the monthly view by clicking on “Stats” next to your writing for today, you’ll see a fascinating overview of today’s writing. This view shows when you wrote your 750 words – over how long and how fast you typed.

writing inspiration

It also shows you when you were distracted from your writing, your mood while writing, word usage clouds and more. It’s a very interesting insight.

writing inspiration

For daily statistics, go to “Today” and “Today’s writers“, where you can see who is currently writing, comparative statistics and any badges people have earned.

Badges For Motivation

Badges are earned for various worthy milestones, such as 100,000 words total, or 100 days in a row or becoming a patron of the site.

Extra Fascinating Statistics

If you want to see the cumulative statistics of the site, including analysis of overall mood and other fascinating things, take a look at the Explore page.

To view overall stats about your writing habits and mood, click on Eternity. Some of these statistics are quite unexpected, but nonetheless interesting.

750 words

Get Writing

In the end, it’s all about writing. It’s a daily prompt to write 750 words, a beautiful, distraction-free environment to write them in, plus a few challenges to stick to your writing goals.

I personally find 750 words a great way to begin my articles, by writing the essence of the article before I get bogged down adding pictures to it. On other days, I simply write and see where my thoughts take me.

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Have you tried using 750 words? Do daily reminders help you to focus on your goals? Does a little competition help you to stay motivated? Does writing 750 words in the morning help you to write more for the rest of the day? Let us know in the comments.

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