How to Keep Annoying Politics Out of Your Facebook Feed

We’ve shown you how to keep politics out of your Twitter feed, so it’s only fair to provide similar options for Facebook. With the presidential cycle far from over, here are some tips for keeping all things political out of your Facebook feed.

Filter Politics on Your Desktop

There are two cross-platform options available to Facebook users looking to filter out certain topics from their feed without having to go about unfriending people.

The first is Social Fixer which is available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera users. It’s also available as a Greasemonkey extension. Internet Explorer users, however, are out of luck. With Social Fixer, you can hide updates from your feed filtered by keyword, author, or application.


To find out more about how Social Fixer works, check this video out:

Another option available to desktop users is FBPurity. Like Social Fixer, it is available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. It’s also available for cloud browser Maxthon. FBPurity lets you filter the same items as Social Fixer, as well as sponsored posts, and gives you the option to whitelist certain friends or apps in your keyword filter.


Filter Politics on Your Phone

Unfortunately, when it comes browsing Facebook on your phone, there doesn’t appear to be one simple fix. The best you can do is use Facebook’s filter features, but this won’t be as effective as the browser extensions.

With Facebook’s built-in feature, you can mute specific users or block posts from specific domain names. To mute a user on Facebook, just go to their profile page and “Unfollow” them. You remain friends, but you no longer see their posts in your feed.

You can also hide all posts from a page or domain. On any given post, just click the little gray arrow in the corner of the post and click “Hide all from <page name>” or “Hide all from <site>”.


You will have to perform these steps on your desktop, but it will result in those posts being filtered out of your mobile Facebook feed.

How do you keep unwanted topics out of your Facebook feed? Let us know in the comments.

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