How to Make Mega-Playlists Between Music Streaming Services

Though music streaming services have a lot of features right in plain sight, there are a lot of things you could be missing in Spotify and other popular music apps. For example, there’s no easy way to make a playlist between different services if you have people wanting to combine music from different places.

You can always transfer playlists between services, but the new app Flo is designed to let you make a mega-playlist that pulls in music from anywhere.

The free app allows you to connect to your friends in close proximity and create a “Flo” for your tunes. Once it’s set up, anyone can add music to it and keep the party going — everyone needs to either be on the same Wi-Fi network, or connected to a hotspot that the host’s app creates.

The app seems to be designed for parties, as you can choose between two modes: one speaker and shared music. If you already have a great speaker, you can play music through that on the host’s phone and have everyone else add tracks.

Otherwise, Flo can play the music through everyone’s phone simultaneously, creating a pseudo-surround sound effect.

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The app is only working with Spotify and SoundCloud right now (find out why you shouldn’t invest in SoundCloud Go), and you’ll need to be rocking a Spotify Premium subscription to use Flo. The iPhone app is the only way to use the service right now, but there’s an Android version in the works.

Despite its limitations, this is a groundbreaking app, and it should only improve as time progresses!

Will you check out Flo to share playlists? Let us know if you found this to be a good idea in the comments!

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