How to Open Multiple Specific Tabs on Launch in Chrome

You can get to work faster if you program several pages to open up at once every time you launch your browser. Here’s how to configure multiple pages on startup in Chrome.


Go to Chrome’s Settings page via the hamburger icon in Chrome’s toolbar. Look for the On startup section there and select the radio button next to Open a specific page or set of pages. Now click on the Set pages link right next to it.


See the Startup pages dialog now? Great! Now one by one, add all the pages you’d like to open on startup using the Add a new page field. You can also click on the Use current pages button to turn currently open pages into startup tabs. Hit the Ok button when you’re done. Now every time you open Chrome, you’ll see those startup pages in action.

Have you set your browser to open multiple startup pages? Or do you prefer to stick to a single page?

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