How to Read Newspaper Comics Online Now for Free

There are plenty of websites for reading comic books (such as Superman), but often overlooked are newspaper comic strips (like Peanuts or Dilbert). A staple of papers for decades, comic strips provide quick bits of humor that anyone can enjoy.

If you’re a fan of comic strips but don’t want to buy a newspaper, or have a favorite that isn’t carried by your local paper, GoComics is the site for you. Over 200 comic strips are updated with each day’s installment for you to browse. If you’ve seen it in a newspaper, it’s probably here.


Once you select a comic, you’ll see the latest strip and can view a calendar to see all past strips. You’re also able to leave a comment, zoom in, or print any strip. A sidebar presents a summary of the series you’re viewing, along with news updates from the cartoonist and the ability to buy a framed copy of the strip.

If you create a GoComics account, you can select your favorite comics and create a custom home page using just those cartoons. It’s cheaper than a newspaper and doesn’t involve any newsprint ink smears on your hands!


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Need some suggestions of comics to check out? Some of my favorites are Pearls Before Swine, FoxTrot, and the classic Calvin and Hobbes. Once you’ve had your fill of reading comics, find out how you can make your own comic strips.

What are your favorite comics? Are there others you’d like to see on this site? Tell us which ones you love reading in the comments!

Image Credit: karen roach via