How To Send Gifs In Imessage Chats

The awesome iMessage has tons of cool features for iOS users. Much more than just a basic text chat, iMessage lets you integrate apps and send your friends all kinds of goofy content.

Did you know that you can send GIFs right in iMessage? If a picture or emoji won’t communicate your message properly, a GIF could be just the solution. These moving images are perfect for reacting, illustrating, or just messing around.

Here’s how to easily send a GIF in your next iMessage conversation.

How to Send GIFs in iMessage Chats iMessage Send GIFs

How to Send GIFs in iMessage Chats

  1. Open the Messages app on your iPhone.
  2. Select the chat you’d like to send a GIF in.
  3. You’ll see your iMessage apps lined up at the bottom of the screen. If you’re already typing a message, you can see them by selecting the Apps icon.
  4. Tap the red icon that has a magnifying glass. You’ll see some random GIFs that you can scroll through.
  5. Tap a GIF to add it to your message.
  6. To find the perfect GIF, just enter some text to search for in the Find images box. You’ll also see some suggested categories handy for reactions, like yay and thumbs up.
  7. Add a comment to your message if you want, then hit the Send button.

That’s all there is to easily adding GIFs to your iMessage chats. If this feature doesn’t have the GIF that you want, try using a different GIF website or app to find the right one. For most GIFs, you can long-press on them and select Copy, then just Paste the GIF into an iMessage chat.

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Image Credit: jovannig/Depositphotos

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