How to Track Your Pets Using iOS or Android

For many, a pet is an integral part of the family. When they go missing, lives are disrupted. Pet trackers make finding man’s best friend easy and carefree.

There are many pet trackers on the market — and more to come as the list below shows. All of these pet trackers are waterproof. Some also include advanced features such as activity tracking and training tools.

Traditional Trackers

The Tractive GPS Pet Tracking device helps to locate a dog, cat or any other pet – anytime, anywhere. Using the free Tractive GPS app, tracking is performed on your smartphone.


With the Tractive, you can activate a safe zone, which acts as a virtual fence. When the pet leaves the area, a notification is sent to the phone. For added protection, Tractive features live tracking so you’ll always know Snoopy’s location.

Tractive works wherever cellphones are usable. You can also track your pets via the Tractive website.

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Although listed for $179.99, the Tractive GPS Pet Tracking device is available for much less at online retail outlets such as Amazon. A Tractive subscription costs as little as €3.75 per month.

Pros: Tracking website, simple design.
Cons: Will the clip break after normal use?

The Paw Tracker is another traditional pet tracker worth considering. It features geofencing, a low battery alarm, and more. The device attaches to the pet’s existing collar.


The standalone device is priced at $99.99 with memberships starting at $99.99 per year.

Pros: Beautiful design, American-made.
Cons: Membership fee is pricey.

Lightweight and durable, the Gibi Pet GPS Tracking Service device monitors a dog’s location then lets you know if your dog is out of their safe zone via text and or email. You can also use the free Gibi app to see where your dog is on Google Maps.


Gigi is priced at $129.99, although you can find nice discounts through Amazon. The monthly service fee is $9.99.

Pros: Simple design.
Cons: The service fee is steep.

All-In-One Trackers

Whistle is both a GPS locator and activity tracker for pets. You can track your pet with a free app or through Whistle’s website. Like other trackers on our list, the product offers safe zones. You’ll automatically receive an alert when your pet leaves this location.


As an activity tracker, Whistle keeps track of every walk, run, snooze, or sniff. This information, stored for 90 days, gives you (and your veterinarian) a glance at your pet’s overall activity level.

The Whistle is priced at $79.95 with service plans starting at $6.95 per month.

Pros: The battery is chargeable in under one hour.
Cons: Could look bulky on smaller pets.

The Kyon Pet Tracker looks and feels like a regular collar. It’s also the most innovative product on our list, as it features sensors and chips, including a 9-axis accelerometer, heat sensor, water sensor, an altimeter, GPS, GSM, and ultrasound buzzer.

Like other trackers, the Kyon works with a smartphone for 24/7 monitoring. It will alert you when your pet goes outside of your safe area using an embedded GSM module. Unlike other trackers, Kyon can also tell you what floor your pet is on, where applicable. It does this thanks to 3-D GPS technology. Kyon also uses LED to display helpful contact information right on the collar, when your pet is found by someone else.

With the included Kyon Shhh feature, an ultrasound is emitted whenever your dog barks to calm them down. This feature is available in manual and automatic mode.


Want even more? With Kyon Sense, the collar can determine whether your pet is in distress. It does so by using “unique algorithms that can interpret your pets needs.” For example, with Kyon Sense, you’ll receive alerts when it’s time to give your pet a walk or when it’s too hot outside.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter, Kyon is expected to launch later this year for $249. It includes a base station that must sit in your home to work. A monthly subscription is $4.99.

Pros: The Cadillac of pet trackers, amazing feature-set.
Cons: Expensive, hasn’t been released yet. A base station?

The DogTelligent Connected Collar also relies heavily on next-generation technology to make it different. Besides being able to track your pet using GPS, the Connected Collar also serves as a training device.

Built-in ultrasound and vibration commands train your pet to sit, stay, and come. Those tools can also discourage excessive barking. Micro speakers allow you to speak to your pet from anywhere in the world.


In terms of tracking, the Connected Collar works via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Cellular. Unlike the Kyon, no household equipment is required. Instead, it uses proprietary “Virtual Fence & Leash Technology” to signal your dog from wandering too far.

Expected to launch this fall, the DogTelligent Collected Collar is priced at $179.95, with a monthly service fee of $4.95. During the pre-order period, the product is $143.95.

Pros: Lots of great features, simplistic design.
Cons: Somewhat pricey, still not released.

The WÜF ONE Smart Collar was also successfully funded on Kickstarter and is coming soon. It features a virtual fence, activity tracking, and training tools. Unique to WÜF is an invisible leash feature. This smart collar is a stand-alone device that attaches to your dog’s current collar and connects to a smartphone app.


Regularly priced at $179.95, the WÜF ONE Smart Collar is available for pre-order for $154. It launches this fall. Unlimited data with global GPS and GSM coverage is available at no extra cost.

Pros: Design is terrific, free data plans.
Cons: Pricey and still not released.

Pets play an important part in many of our lives. When Fido goes missing, the whole family suffers. Pet trackers make it easier to keep track of the ones we love.

Which pet trackers do you find most useful?

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