How To Update To Ios 12.1 – Iphone Xs Iphone Xr Iphone 8 Iphone 7 Iphone 5s Iphone 6

So let’s just go right into settings under settings you guys should go into general so before we even do that up here you guys will see your name another you guys will see iCloud I recommend making update using iCloud if you are clouds full like mine always is at the 5 gig for free then hook it up to.

Your computer and use iTunes then you guys can back it up there or in your computer again using iTunes and there you have.

No cap of those annoying 5 gigs alright so once you guys do that that’s just in case something goes wrong let’s just go right into general and your second option you guys will see software update under software update this should come up so some of you might just see install another download option and that’s because you rarely automatically download it for you and now you guys have.

Just got the press install if you guys present downloading install it’s gonna ask you for your passcode if you guys have one once you guys do that it’s going to download the update then it’s going to install so it’s very important that during the.

Download process it stays turned on however it’s no big deal if your iPhone runs out of battery for example if you have an iPad.

Of such same deal out of battery when you guys are actually installing the update and that’s because there could be a major crash there if it just turns off so make sure it’s off at least 50% of your battery if.

You guys don’t have 50 battery charge it up for a second even if you.

Guys have 100% of your battery like me I still haven’t hooked up some electricity just in case that’s.

Because I don’t want anything to go wrong I’ve seen way too many cases of.

This going wrong and you guys have to restore it’s not a huge deal if you guys have to restore restoring you guys can.

Restore exactly from the backup that you guys just made.

Using iTunes or your iCloud okay and.

Won’t have a problem you guys will lose any apps or any messages or anything like that you might have to put in your passwords.

For your email for example again and all that stuff but other than that you guys will move any other information as long as you have it all backed up again you guys can use iCloud for that or iTunes I’m using iTunes constantly because I coach.

Does not work anymore it gets full way too fast it makes no sense anyways that’s it for this video right now um in a few seconds we’re gonna see that this restarts so you can suppose see a black screen white screen loading logo you guys know.

Apple logo I mean a loading bar after a loading bar goes it’s just gonna restart and there you guys go your updates done no big deal no I play this again or anything like that that’s it for this.

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