How Your Android Smartphone Can Improve Your Love Life

We turn to our phones to help us throughout the day, so it stands to reason that when we have questions about knocking knees with someone, we whip out our phones for that too.

But love consists of far more than being physical. There’s the whole dating process that leads to finding a partner in the first place. There’s maintaining an emotional connection once you have someone to hold hands with.

Your Android device (no, not that kind of Android) can help with all of this. From finding a partner to coming up with ways to express your love, there are a number of ways you can use Android to strengthen your relationship.

1) Find Someone

Naturally the first way to improve a relationship is to have one first. Obviously, this is easier said than done.

If you’re a homebody, meeting someone serendipitously will be challenging. One way to get out more is to use your phone to sign up for an account at This will show you many local groups you can become a part of in your area.

You never know when you will become good friends with someone else who also loves going hiking every Saturday morning. That could eventually blossom into something more.

Ads by Google

Facebook can keep you informed on who in your existing community is looking for love. Some people also find people through Twitter, Tumblr, or Google+, but exercise caution before you go around revealing your identity and location.

Lastly, there are apps dedicated entirely towards dating. There are those that began as sites, such as OkCupid. Then there are some that began as apps, like Tinder. Gay and bisexual men can find a community meant exclusively for them on Grindr.

These save you the trouble of weeding out people who aren’t interested in starting a new relationship. But you may also encounter folks who aren’t only interested in hooking up. Granted, this is a risk you find dating offline as well. Ultimately, it probably goes without saying that looking for love online isn’t as easy as it seems.

Download: Meetup for Android (Free)

Download: Facebook for Android (Free)

Download: OkCupid for Android (Free with in-app purchases)

Download: Tinder for Android (Free)

Download: Grindr for Android (Free)

2) Improve Your Communication

People in relationships can use phone calls, text messages, and email to stay in touch just like they do with people they aren’t in love with. But since they’re going to keep up with each other more often, it could be worth installing one of the many apps aimed explicitly towards couples.

Apps like Avocado, Between, and Couple give you and one other person a private social network where you can share messages, photos, and your schedule.

Sweethearts can also make use of other services that aren’t as narrowly focused. Starting a video chat through Hangouts (which likely came with your Android device) or Skype gives you a means of seeing each other’s faces when you’re far apart.

Yahoo’s Livetext lets you do the same but without hearing your beau’s voice, which can be just the ticket at times when there’s simply too much going on in the background.

Download: Avocado for Android (Free with in-app purchases)

Download: Between for Android (Free with in-app purchases)

Download: Couple for Android (Free with in-app purchases)

Download: Hangouts for Android (Free)

Download: Skype for Android (Free)

Download: Yahoo Livetext for Android (Free)

3) Track Periods

Clue is one of several apps for keeping track of periods. If you need to know how this could be relevant to your love life, it may be time to revisit sex education.

Lots of people will have to deal with periods for a solid portion of their lives. Virtual reality is one thing, but for many non-virtual people, this is a genuine concern that we should talk about.


Logging your periods can help you plan when you can and can’t have fun in bed. Though if you don’t like being told you can’t do something — even by your own body — there’s nothing wrong with doing it during your flow, as long as no one involved is too squeamish. For some, this may even feel better or help relieve menstrual discomfort.

Clue can also come in handy for folks who are looking to conceive. The app takes your period information and tries to predict your most fertile times of the month. Mark which days you’re sexually active to make sure you’re going at it consistently, or you can just pretend those dots are points and give your partner a high-five when you have a particularly affectionate month.

Download: Clue for Android (Free)

4) Discover Your Mutual Fantasies


Let’s face it, taking about our fantasies can be awkward. Even very open couples have things that seem off-putting to them. Some may be really into the idea of role-playing while others may not.

Kindu is an app that can help a couple get around their discomfort. Rather than having to vocalize their fantasies to their lover’s face, they can each answer questions in the app and then compare their matches to see who is down for what.


This app can be a great way to kick off a conversation about what the two of you are open to. Those of us who have been in committed relationships for years can find just as much use as newbies because people change over time, and so do our desires.

Consider this your regularly scheduled kinky maintenance appointment.

Download: Kindu for Android (Free)

Do You Feel Loved?

Whether you’re part of a couple that’s dating or married, in a polyamorous relationship, just hooking up with someone you met on online, or still trying to find someone, these apps can help you along.

Are there any apps that have had a significant impact on your relationships? Share your experience in the comments below!

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