HurricaneWatch: Interactive Hurricane Tracker

HurricaneWatch is an interactive hurricane tracker for viewing hurricane tracks, storm paths and advisories on an interactive map. Currently it focuses on hurricanes in the Atlantic going back up to 1950 and uses Microsoft Silverlight and Bing Maps to create an interactive application.

Hurricanes on the map are color coded by categories (identified by the speed of wind) and can be viewed on a cartographic, aerial or hybrid map. The map can be honed in on time and area to get a more detailed view of a hurricane. Hovering your mouse over a hurricane provides detailed information such as hurricane name, time, wind speed, bearing and category. Data can be filtered to show only hurricanes, storm paths or advisories.

interactive hurricane tracker


  • Watch Atlantic hurricane data on an interactive map.
  • View hurricane tracks, storm paths and advisories.
  • Zoom in on an area to see detailed information.
  • Data available going as far back as 1950.
  • No registration required.

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