I Got Fired!!!

What’s going on guys Michael Panetta and we’re doing a vlog let’s see how this goes I am one certainly not shying away from getting in front of the camera I’ve certainly tried my fair share of doing different things vlogging for a hundred days straight was certainly an experience in itself and working at the same time while doing YouTube.

And all that however as you know things have changed in the past few months and after being terminated from my last job which I just said I wasn’t there anymore I.

Did get fired and you know I’ve never been fired before so it’s an interesting story.

Most of you may or may not know I work for a bank and I started off as you know I washed his car and it’s still tan so I started off at the bank as they call a relationship banker – and that was like a higher level than an rb1 and what I did was thank you and what I did was I opened up accounts I talked to customers about loans.

And one of the things that I needed to do was get my insurance license so that was a like step two of that process and I felt I did it well I was very interactive with my customers and I had a great relationship with the ones that I that I worked with and even the new ones you know I had no problem picking up the phone and talking to people so that that aspect went really.

I did a great job got great feedback and that was that level so I had about 150-200 clients in my portfolio I worked downtown and the city of.

Harrisburg and the bank was M&T Bank by the way great Bank they’re an awesome Bank so I did that for a while.

And I couldn’t pass the test and probably because at the end of the day I was trying to do something that I wasn’t really into so really when when for me when I’m not into something it just doesn’t no matter how hard I try I just I just couldn’t.
Do it so it was investments you know I just.

Insurance investments that just wasn’t I wouldn’t really see it enough to be able to to be that helpful if that makes sense and on Saturdays I helped out at at another branch down the road so I had a really good.

Relationship with with that branch.

As well so and and the branch manager and I got along really well hey by the way brand-new door no more yellow door so when I couldn’t pass the test they said you know we don’t want to fire you you’re a very good asset to the bank and you know we want to find another position.

For you is there anything that you’re interested in what do you want to do I’m an Operations heavy person I like operations of the bank and I’d like to get into just the overall procedures of how things work it’s just what I always gravitate towards being the guy.

That knows how to use the system that can answer questions about accounts procedures policy you know that that whole nine so the general manager or the.

Area manager said I have something coming up I can’t talk about it right now but I think you might be perfect for it but just just sit tight for for about a week or two I talked to the branch.

Location I helped out on Saturdays and through through her and I talking I knew that she had a position coming up for a floating teller floating afloat our flow platform person and I had a.

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