I Got Fired!!!

Feeling that was.

The position that that was going to come up so the manager and I had talked about that a little.

Bit and in the past so when the our big big manager mentioned this I was like I know what this is so I think you guys get the idea I got that job and she brought me on board and I was to go around from location to location whether she needed me and and help out so in fact on my old branch to.
Out a couple days and it had turned out.

During during my time floating which I already knew the head teller.

Or vault teller whatever you want to call it had taken another position in the bank so they had an open spot there and I mean I knew everybody there we were all very close-knit I.

Worked there for over a year and in that in that location so we were all very close-knit and so she was like god.

I want someone reliable there’s no one out there just please come back and you know would you be interested in.

Doing this position so I took that position and I went back.

There and it was great you know I got along with my manager I got along with the team there you know there’s a few bumps in the road you know being a supervisor so I was also the volt tower and you know without getting into too much you know so I was responsible for a lot.

Let’s just just say that and again being downtown you got a very you’re in a fishbowl basically well you know when the corner of market second market so the branch was only open Monday.

Through Friday so I ended up working at a Saturday branch that I had worked at a lot as a floater and it was a very very busy branch one of the busiest in the region when it comes to transactions and just overall traffic.

Was over in colonial Park and so I was working there on Saturdays helping out and to make a long story long some things occurred and I had a shortage and the shortage was way too.

Much to recoup from a teller standpoint so if any of you is out there that used to work as a teller at a.

Bank you know that if you have a certain shortage unfortunately it’s just not gonna work out so I have my personal feelings about how everything went down because I wasn’t the only one fired.

From that branch because of that I don’t think any of my managers or management.

For what occurred I think the difference wasn’t.

A difference at all I think someone stole money but that’s just my personal opinion again I’ve never been fired from a job before so it was a lot for.

Me to get over and work through so that was in January.

And we are now in April I’ll always have a chip on my shoulder in regards to what happened and how it happened just.

Because I feel like the people didn’t do their jobs properly but you know you got to move on you got.

To move forward things happen for a reason and I think that happened for the reason that I have now I have the ability to work from home doing a very cool job and expand to do more jobs so I like it I get to be home charlie to be.

Available for my daughter should anything happen and it’s just this is what I get to do.

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