I Got Fired!!!

It’s I have time for things like this so one of the things that’s very cool about doing what I do is sometimes you get things that aren’t out yet and this is called the slate and I apologize if I’m looking there as I talk to you guys this is the new skin from.

The guys at slick raps and you know it’s really cool this thing like it’s got some like grip to it and like some texture which is pretty cool as a matter of fact I have I didn’t put the button on because I use my fingerprint scanner for the back of my phone but if.

You don’t use your fingerprint scanner which why don’t you they give you a button for it but here is when they set up a front skin they cover the whole thing.

So it’s easier to handle while you’re installing it on the on the front of the device and very very cool idea I don’t always didn’t always have those on the front.

Of those but and they don’t do it for every skin but here’s the here’s the like the the texture of it and it’s a it’s a pretty it’s a pretty thick.

Skin but not so thick that it’s difficult to put on very very easy install what I love about the front I don’t know why put the Front’s on but I have a screen protector on on here and I.

Think it’s a speaking screen shield but I put the front over top of it and because the way the the g6 works the screen obviously being very minimal minimal bezels this screen projector covers the whole thing so putting the screen front.

Of the screen shield on or the front skin on works out perfect so this is a skin I give.

A thumbs up for putting the front on with a screen protector you can’t do that with the iPhone I just don’t think it works very well this skin is available on the website I’ll put the links down below.

In the description but the sides I mean just for the g6 for my experience I just I love the way it works on here.

The guys in the Ambassador Program I’m using them for their devices love it as.

Well so I think it’s a it’s a very easy install on that yeah I keep picking the Lynne up.

From this because I had it sitting in a basket which is probably not the best place to do that was charging but two thumbs up on this on the.

Skin absolutely love it and like I said it’s available on the 18th whenever you see this it should be the 18th when you see it maybe but very very cool skin now one of the things I don’t miss about vlogging and shooting video on the run is making sure you have enough batteries it’s literally this was like already running out because I had been using it a.

Little bit no me some chick-fil-a a long ride for some chick-fil-a I feel like I should go out and do something say we’re back give a good day Purple’s a purple day means he gets two stickers because she knew all her word wall words.

Right good job all right that’s horrible glare yes your big girl now you’re in a booster seat you’re not in a baby seat anymore we’re gonna get you a better booster seat for my car you.

Like that one no it’s more comfortable though yeah but the other ones more comfortable if you fall asleep like when we’re coming home.

From somewhere you don’t though you like fall over okay we’ll see all right off we go going down.

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