I2ocr: Image Document Text Extractor

Thanks to OCR technology, you can convert images of text into text documents. This saves a lot of time retyping the same document. If you have a text-including image saved on your computer or have its URL, you can use i2OCR to extract the text from the image.

image document text

image document text

i2OCR is a free and simple to use website that lets you extract text from images. The image can be stored on your computer or online. For best results, the text in the image should be clear. The image must be at least 200 dpi and less than 10MB in size. The extracted text is displayed so that you can copy and use it. Alternatively you can download the text in DOC format.


  • A user friendly website.
  • Lets you use OCR online.
  • Works with online images or images store on your computer.
  • Lets you copy extracted text or download it in DOC format.
  • Similar tools:  FreeOnlineOCR, Free-ORC and NewOCR.
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Check out i2OCR @ www.sciweavers.org/free-online-ocr

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